Heavenly Voice
ഹെവൻലി വോയ്സ്

Dear Beloved

I am really excited to inform you that on June, 10 2012 we dedicated this website for the benefit of mankind. We are really thankful to all of you who actively participated in this mission along with us.  First and foremost, I need to thank our redeemer Jesus Christ for the enlightenment he provided and the support and encouragement during this extraordinary Journey.

My Family (Reeni, Sam and Sera) supported this mission big time for this project. Many times their little happiness was sacrificed provide a space for me to get quiet time at home to complete my recording.  Without their wholehearted support, it would have been a challenge to complete the project on time.

I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to Rev.Fr Jose Daniel and Rev.Fr Mathews Manalel Chirayil for extending their support and supported this mission in recording the most important sections from the Holy Bible, especially Holy Gospels as well as Apocrypha section in its purity and simplicity and with touch of compassion. I am sure thousands of people who are listening these sections will be touched and will provide comfort and enlightenment.

Mr. KV Varughese Kizukalil, and Sara Varghese and my Best Friend Reji Philip (Cincinnatti) whole heartedly supported this mission by taking their stand to read  many books for this mission. Thank you so much.

Georgey Thomas (Kuwait) Chevalier Thomas Daniel and his friends (Bahrain) also extended their support by reading the Bible for this mission. Georgey was really instrumental in proofreading the content and helping me in identifying any such issues.

Mr. Koshy Philip, Barbara, Melissa, Munish Varma, Zoe Masters, Terrance Moran, Melissa Collette, Gia and Armando from Landmark Education USA, extended their whole hearted support throughout the project. Their coaching, made significance difference to stay focused on the project until its completion and post production support. Thanks Landmark team for making a difference in our society and community.

Last but not least to all our listeners who is really seeking for comfort in listening to this work. May the god almighty give you the wisdom to listen and enlighten yourself with these

We are also looking for sponsors to support this initiative financially, so that we can cover the administrative and hosting charges for the organization hosting this website.

I am inviting each and every one of you to participate in this project in whatever way you can. Please also let me know your suggestions, so that the project will become meaningful to you.

Last but not the least, please pray for the success of the project.

Thank you for your support.

Cherian Jacob

Heavenly Voice


In the Beginning, there was Word, Word was with GOD, Word was GOD.
 St.John, 1:1